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13 Cattley St Burnie TAS 7320
6447 1213

B&H Real Estate are innovative and forward thinking, providing a new solution to some old fashioned traditional Real Estate methods especially suited to the Tasmanian market.

At B&H Real Estate we have a long term vision that assure’s our clients that we are here to stay. We will provide a personal, professional, safe environment and a competitive service that understands our client’s needs, we always put their best interests at heart. We know what we are doing and can give our clients what they want because we do something that other agencies don’t, we ask, “What’s good for you ?” Why would you trust anyone else with such a personal and significant asset. At B&H Real Estate we are the experts in our field, we are real and compassionate people.

At B&H Real Estate we don’t look at people as numbers or figures, we look at them as partners and neighbours. We don’t care what other agents are saying.

When you are ready to sell your property B&H Real Estate will make you feel like you’re in complete control and we will give you all the information you need to make a fair, reasonable and educated decision on how you go about selling your property.

What’s good for you. B&H Real Estate is.

Need to know more? Simply give us a call at our Head Office on 03 6447 1213 or fill out the appraisal request form in the menu at the top right of you screen. All appraisals are free of charge !

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