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Die Hard is Back.. Sort Of

A cryptic tweet was released online overnight via Bruce Willis' daughters twitter account. 

Rumer Willis tweeted a 15 second video that has her dad as John McClane walking in a dark street with a whistling tune and then he starts to take his jacket off as if ready for a fight.

It's followed by 10.18.20 #diehardisback making people think that a new Die Hard trailer was going to be launched today.. turns out that is not the case.

See the full tweet here.


Instead, it is Bruce starring as his famous character in an ad... for car battery's. Watch the full ad and look for the multiple cameos from other characters from the franchise. 

Apparently these batteries.. "Die Hard".


Plus seems like Andy Samberg is using his "lonely Island" connections to try to get Bruce to appear on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy's character "Jake" in the popular TV comedy is obsessed with the Die Hard films, so it would be great to see him make an appearance.