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7 Mind-Blowing LEGO Instagram Accounts

Australia is gushing over LEGO at the moment, brought on by the hype of season 3 of Lego Masters.

To get even more of a Lego fix we've found 7 of the best Instagram accounts that are dedicated to making the popular toy into a form of art. 

Hopefully, you can get some inspiration from these for your next build. 

7. @betweenbrickwalls

Sarah Beyer is a Lego Master from Sweden whose main focus is architectural masterpieces. The minimalistic style is great in photos and she also has tutorials so you can try it at home. She also featured on the Swedish version of the Lego Masters show.


6. @eatmybricks

Michael Feindura & Sören Grochau from eat my bricks create photo art using LEGO to tell amazing thought-provoking stories and use a lot of great humour.


5. @fourbrickstall

If you've thought about having a go at LEGO photography yourself, here is a great place to start. This is a fantastic resource for "how to" as well as providing some absolutely stunning Lego creations.



4. @frostbricks

From Season 1 of Lego Masters Australia, Kale certainly divided the audience, but one thing is for sure he is a genius at creating and photographing with LEGO 



3. @legojacker

This Aussie Lego creator is from the ACT and has a wonderful eye for creating stunning and sometimes ironic images. Well worth a follow.




2. @mr.__brick

If you love movies, then you'll be happy to know that so does Mr Brick. This account takes your favourite scenes from the films you love and recreates them in LEGO. There's even some amazing Game of Thrones images.





1. @seankenneyart

Sean Kenney is an artist, using thousands of bricks the larger than life creations are vibrant and powerful. To get anywhere near this we might need a bigger brick pit.






There you have it, 7 of the best we've found on Instagram. Now that we are all inspired it's time to get back to creating, building and stretching our imaginations to the limits.