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Best April Fool's Day pranks 2022

beam donkey aprilfools

It's that time of the year again when we second guess every piece of news and scrutinise every social media post to make sure we're not being pranked.

We've found some hilarious April Fool's jokes this year - with lots involving animals and food (which are our two favourite things around here!).

April Fool's Day does feel like the perfect excuse for food brands to test new concepts without looking foolish. How many of today's pranks will actually be real six months down the track given the comments from many on social media?

Well actually, one concept was real

It seems the Tim Tam and Vegemite mashup didn't trick anyone... it was obviously an April Fool's joke... right?

Tim Tam posted about its new biscuit flavour bringing together two Aussie icons to create "one mitey delicious biscuit".

But then Vegemite and Tim Tam's social accounts both posted a follow-up saying it wasn't an April Fool's prank and that the new flavour is actually for real. Turns out they're giving away five limited edition packets as part of a competition. People still weren't convinced though so the comment thread is full of Vegemite replying over and over again with "it's real" and giving instructions on how to enter.  Get in quick, it ends April 3.

Here's our roundup of the top pranks we love... and we think these are all real!

New Baked Beans range

M&Ms and Skittles in the one pack

Subway's hot dog

McDonald's sweet 'n sour sundae

The "available until yesterday" gave it away!

The kombucha Easter Egg

Just in time for Easter!

Krispy Kreme's donut coffee drink

Deliveroo's new sauce

Nothing quite divides the internet quite like the love/hate relationship with coriander!

Funday Sweets launches coriander range

They got on the coriander train too.

WA Police's new canine recruit

For "apprehending violent offenders; detecting narcotics, tracking offenders from crime scenes, & more" according to their Twitter page. 

Queensland Police working with Australia Zoo

NSW Police putting bin chickens to good use

A new species discovered in Tasmania!

We actually think this would be amazing to see!

Beam's branching out from scooters

Wotif's new tracking watch for fun goals

Nando's hot body scrub

Did you fall for any? And did any make you wish they were real?

Main image: Beam