Close eye on developing system as north recovers from big wet

October 18, 2022 1:47 am in by


The SES is reminding residents in the north of the state not to take unnecessary risks as floodwaters continue to recede.

SES Acting Director Leon Smith has cautioned residents against complacency and says there are still risks as river levels fall below even minor flood levels.

He said the tidal nature of waterways like the Tamar River mean that fluctuations can still occur, even when conditions appear safe and predictions overall are for continued decreasing river heights.

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“It’s possible levels can rise again with the effects of the tide, albeit moderately,” he said.

“if you don’t need to go into areas that are flood affected, don’t do it. Our surveillance aircraft did pick up people yesterday going into areas out of curiosity around the Cataract Gorge area of Launceston and they were very close to those floodwaters, which are still extremenly dangerous. There’s a high level of current, undercurrent and debris.

“We’ve seen people drive on roads that have been seriously undermined. If it’s flooded, forget it. Do the right thing in this transition period.”

Mr Smith confirmed that emergency authorities are closely monitoring a weather system developing across South Australia and Victoria which has the potential to further impact Tasmania, commencing Thursday into Friday, delivering up to 60ml of rain to already saturated riverine systems.