Council seeks feedback on greening plan

March 1, 2023 7:33 pm in by


The City of Launceston will look to double the tree canopy cover across urban areas of the municipality by 2040.
That’s just one of a number of key deliverables outlined in the Council’s inaugural ‘Urban Greening Strategy’.
Launceston Mayor Danny Gibson said that the Council recognises that street trees and other forms of greening enhances not only the visual amenity of many parts of Launceston but they also helped create a
strong sense of identity in many public spaces both in the CBD and in the surrounding suburbs.
“Currently, canopy cover across what’s considered the area of interest in our region is around 19 per cent,” Mayor Gibson said.
“Our aim over the next 20 years is to see that level of cover effectively double to around 40 per cent and we think that’s an entirely achievable outcome.”
Mayor Gibson said that the benefits of reaching that figure would be generationally significant.
“We know that increased canopy cover enhances biodiversity in our urban environment as well as mitigating the impacts of climate change, particularly reducing the effects of heat,” Mayor Gibson said.
“Ultimately, our vision is for a highly accessible green city with robust sustainable communities and a vibrant and diverse inner city core.”
The Council has collaborated with the Launceston Chamber of Commerce on a shared approach to the provision of green infrastructure.
“One of the aims is to look at ways to integrate greening into the city centre to create a nice place that people not only want to visit, but want to stay and spend time there,” Mayor Gibson said.
“One example I am particularly proud of the recent investments by the City of Launceston in Civic Square.
“It’s a space that has been transformed into a magnificent green oasis for the community to enjoy.

The strategy is now open for public comment on the City of Launceston’s engagement platform, Your Voice Your Launceston.


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