E-scooter trial extended

November 25, 2022 5:50 pm in by

E scooters

Hobart and Launceston City Councils are teaming up to continue their e-scooter trials over summer. 

The City of Launceston and the City of Hobart have worked with the State Government and private operators Beam and Neuron on the trial.

The trial does not seek to determine whether e-scooters should or should not be allowed to operate in Tasmania; rather it provides a formal mechanism for the Councils to play an advocacy role in managing the introduction of e-scooters to their cities, to better understand how e-scooters are being used, and to identify improvements.

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Launceston Mayor Danny Gibson said the public had already provided a range of feedback to improve the operation of rental e-scooters in Launceston, but people could still have input by writing to: before 5pm Friday, December 16, 2022.

“The feedback provided throughout the trial has seen the operators reducing speeds in certain zones, undertaking awareness campaigns on the parking of scooters, and encouraging safer riding,” he said.

“As we begin to assess the 12-month data set from the trial of rental e-scooters, and consider what the future of rental e-scooter use looks like in Launceston, this is an opportunity for people to provide any relevant information they feel has not been adequately explored.”

Hobart City Council figures indicate more than 530,000 individual trips have been taken so far in the capital, with 624,000km travelled, resulting in about 296,000km of car travel offset and 52 tonnes of saved carbon dioxide emissions.