Fule prices back around $2 a litre again

August 10, 2023 12:10 pm in by

North-West Coast motorists are paying more for fuel than the rest of Tasmania as prices again tip over $2 a litre.

Thus time last year the average price for unleaded 91 fuel in Tasmania was $1.79 a litre, with an international crude oil price increase 16 per cent since June being blamed for the latest rise.

According to the State Government’s Fuel Check Tas website and app, the average price per litre statewide is at 202 centre a litre.

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However, cheaper fuel can be found if you’re prepared to look around.

Hobart currently has the cheapest fuel in the state at 192.7 cents a litre, while Launceston motorists are paying 196.9 cents a litre for their cheapest fuel.

North-West Coast prices below the state average can still be found, with the cheapest on the Coast at United Camdale, at $1.97 a litre.

Devonport motorists can get fuel from Shell East Devonport for slightly more at 197.9 cents a litre, while the best in the Central Coast is at Ulverstone United, at 199.9 cents a litre.