‘Love 40’ to keep school kids safe

February 3, 2023 2:51 pm in by

Minister Ferguson Feb 2

(Deputy Premier Michael Ferguson at Riverside Primary School for the launch of the Love 40 safety campaign)

Drivers are reminded to slow down to 40 km/h or less in school zones, with children returning to school.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Michael Ferguson, said the Road Safety Advisory Council’s ‘Love 40’ campaign reminds drivers that they must slow down in and around schools and school buses.

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“We know that young children are still developing their understanding of roads, cars and how to cross roads safely and as vulnerable road users they are at higher risk,” he said.

“It means that as drivers we need to take on the extra care and vigilance that children don’t always keep front of mind.

“This is the fifth year of ‘Love 40’ and most drivers are getting the message but it takes just one to ignore the rules and cause tragedy.

“The more we can do to reduce risks and create a safe road environment, the safer our communities are.

“But for those that don’t want to listen and ‘Love 40’, we will have speed cameras out in force and if you choose to speed through a school zone you will be caught and fines will apply.

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Penalties range up to $1,041 and may incur demerit points depending on the severity of the offence.

“To all of the drivers out there, when in a school zone or near a school bus, Love 40 because speeding near schools is dangerous and just plain wrong.”


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