Not everyone happy about FOGO

April 19, 2024 10:22 am in by

Attempts by a Coastal council to educate its ratepayers over the benefits of a food organic garden organic, or FOGO, kerbside recycling programme appear to be falling on deaf ears.

Devonport, Latrobe, Kentish and Waratah-Wynyard councils will introduce FOGO services from July 1st, with wheelie bins with distinctive lime green lids to be delivered in coming months.

The expected reduction in waste going to landfill will also involve weekly general rubbish collections reduced from weekly to fortnightly.

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The Devonport City Council has been inundated with concerns and questions from ratepayers who are worried about the cost of introducing FOGO and overflowing general rubbish bins only being emptied fortnightly.

It’s prompted the council to again remind ratepayers FOGO services will be cost-eutral due to landfill reduction, meaning no extra cost to residents.

The Central Coast faced similar backlash from ratepayers when it introduced FOGO back in 2019, but says the majority of residents are now happy with the service.

Meanwhile, the Circular Head Council says it will move to FOGO in 2026, while the Burnie City Council is yet to commit to a starting date.


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