Water safety warning ahead of Summer

November 8, 2022 9:18 pm in by


With the weather warming up we’re being reminded of just how dangerous a couple of inches of water can be for toddlers and babies.

Royal Life Saving says it’s not just pools we need to be vigilant around.

Splash pads and buckets of water can also pose a lethal risk for very little ones.

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50 percent of drownings in Tasmania between July 2021 and June 2022 occured in Spring.

Dr Katrein Pickles says children four and under are most at risk of falls into water.

“They’re super curious, they’re going to be looking around their environment; it can happen really quickly and it can happen silently,” she said. 

“Making sure that we’re checking around the home, making sure that if there are any buckets of water, that they’re tipped out.”