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Social media "detox" after marriage result

Stay off social media and talk to some "real people" whatever the result of the same-sex marriage survey, one expert says.

Victoria's Gender and Sexuality Commissioner Rowena Allen said the survey had been a tough time for many Australians, and she encouraged them to look after each other.

She said passionate "yes" and "no" voters should take some time out after the result, given how damaging and divisive the debate has been.

"Turn off social media for a little while, it won't hurt you, detox, spend some time with real people," Ms Allen told 3AW in Melbourne on Wednesday.

"Social media is where people go to be their worst."

Ms Allen said the debate had been hurtful to a lot of people, and people on either side would be "devastated" whatever the result.

She said it made sense that some businesses and governments had organised counsellors and safe places for employees to deal with the result.

"It'll be devastating for people that have held other views," Ms Allen said.

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