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Souths boss calls for NRL funding re-jig

South Sydney football boss Shane Richardson hopes the NRL's postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic forces the league to recalibrate funding, saying it is currently "not a workable business model".

Telehealth to open up to all Australians

Australians will be able to bulk-bill phone or video hook ups with their doctors from next week as health authorities work to contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

NRL players ready to take pay cut: RLPA

Players are receptive to taking a major pay cut to ensure the game's future amid the NRL shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, players union boss Clint Newton says.

Virus-hit tenants could get housing relief

A halt on evictions, a break on utility bills, and the ability for renters to pay their landlords over time are among suggestions for leaders to consider as they look at how to ease financial...

Qld border lockdown and economic package

QUEENSLAND CASES* As of Tuesday there are 397 diagnoses of COVID-19 in the state, with many of those having recently returned from overseas travel and residing in the southeast corner.

Thousands need permits for Qld travel

Thousands of people living in northern NSW will have to apply for permits to travel into Queensland from Wednesday in a desperate bid to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Centrelink site crashes under virus weight

Centrelink's online portal has crashed for the second day in a row despite government assurances tens of thousands of people seeking welfare because of the coronavirus fallout would be able to access it.

Sydney toilet-paper bandits on the run

Two toilet paper bandits are on the run after stealing hundreds of loo rolls from Sydney supermarkets in what the NSW police minister says is a disgraceful act during the coronavirus crisis.