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Hungry rodent onslaught

Business owners stirring out of hibernation might have a few rodent headaches to deal with.

Globally, rats are in dire straits because of the shutdown of restaurants and cafes, some having supported generations of the animals for decades.

That means ravenous rodents.

Jason Eyles from Tasmania's Scorpion Pest Management describes what can happen next.

"If these restaurants aren't operating as they would normally, obviously there's not as much food source about, rats will actually gnaw anything, so you will find that when a lot of these resturants and small businesses start up again, they will find they have had wiring and computer cabling chewed."

It's reported in America that starving rats are resorting to cannibalism and infanticide.

Jason is busy handling a rodent incursion into homes as they seek out food and warmth.

"In the southern part of the state, we are finding that our rodent calls are coming in thick and fast, especially with the cold and wet weather that we are starting to get now, reports of hearing noises in ceilings and wall cavities, it's looking like it is going to be another bumper year for us."