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Pokie losses in overdrive

Months of lockdown saw Tasmania's poker machine players return with a vengeance when they were switched back on in late June.

Department of Treasury and Finance figures show the machines pulled in $2.6 million in the five days they were operating in that month, far more than the typical amount.

State independent Meg Webb is critical of the Gutwein government permitting pokies to return while financial pressures are biting so hard.

"High levels of stress and uncertainty are actually risk factors for developing poker machine gambling problems and at this highly vulnerable time it is the worst decision to turn poker machines back on, we were always going to see these terrible spikes in losses."

The MLC is demanding immediate intervention.

"The government has a range of options that it could look at to make these machines safer, lower bet limits, lower spin speeds, lower maximum jackpots, even shorter opening hours, all these things are very straightforward programming features and easy decisions to make and yet the government refuses to contemplate them."