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Government moves to make council election voting compulsory

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The State Government is looking at making voting in council elections compulsory.

Local Government Minister Nic Street is hoping to have the legislation pass through Parliament in time for this year's Local Government elections in October.
With voting currently voluntary and conducted purely as a postal vote, most councils have 50 per cent or less of ratepayers voting in elections.
The Local Government Association of Tasmania and councils have not been consulted on the move to make voting compulsory.

Devonport Mayor Annette Rockliff says her council has no official position on compulsory voting, and says she's personally in two minds on the idea.

Councillor Rockliff says while it's recognition of the importance of Local Government, she is concerned it could lead to more political party members running for council.
Burnie Mayor Steve Kons thinks it's a good idea.
Councillor Kons says it will give people the opportunity to not complain about the council they voted in.
He says it's an opportunity for people to be involved in the process and vote for the people they actually want to represent them.