xmas 2019 wings

xmas 2019 wings

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New ice rink resolve

Efforts are well underway to establish a new ice skating rink now that Tasmania's only facility, a quarter sized arena, closed forever at Hobart's Glenorchy after 42 years.

The state government has been brought into the process to assess a range of options for a new full size rink, serviced by public transport.

Ice Sports Tasmania President Anna Holliday is encouraged by an interstate investor showing keen interest.

"You are still looking anything upwards of 15 months, once you have got the land identified, once the partnerships are in place, so although the investor is extremely motivated, they are really offering to push themselves in terms of timeframes, we know that there is going to be this block of time between now and when that new rink is available, where our ice sports are not going to be able to play or train or compete locally, so that is a challenge we are facing, how do we keep our athletes connected to each other and how do we keep them connected to their sports."

Anna reveals the investor has signalled an interest in fielding a Tasmanian team in the national Ice Hockey League in the coming years.