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Hurry up for Premier

More nursing and midwifery union industrial action is in store for today at the Mersey Community Hospital, involving the postponement of non-urgent elective surgery.

It's all part of the public sector's rapidly escalating campaign for a better deal than the state government's 2% annual wage increase.

Meantime, Australian Medical Association state President Dr. John Davis is asking the Premier prioritise a meeting on the so called health system 'crisis'.

"The Opposition put a motion to parliament around 10 days to two weeks ago calling for a bipartisan approach at a round table, we've written to him offering to play a role, we've heard nothing, we'd encourage him to get on with it."

As for what needs addressing to improve health, Dr. Davis has plenty ready to share.

"Where do you want me to start ?.... what we need to do is have a clear strategy for the Royal Hobart Hospital, Launceston General and North West hospitals that fits with the strategy for health in this state and is not simply focused on the hospitals, but the broader health system."