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Market embroiled in gender laws row

Hobart City Council has apologised for pamphlets against proposed law changes around gender making their way into Saturday's Salamanca Market, referring to them as anti-transgender.

Women Speak is opposed to the laws which include the removal of gender from birth certificates.

Spokesperson Isla McGregor insists the material is definitely not anti-trans, but seeks to preserve the rights and safety of women and kids. 

"On our pamphlet it actually says these words, we recognise and respect the human dignity of all people including those who identify as transgender, intersex or gender diverse, but the dignity of female people and children must also be properly considered."

She can't fathom how the material could be construed to be offensive.

"This is what we are very curious about, the Salamanca Market have actually stated that our material is anti-trans, but on their Facebook page they haven't actually said what part of our pamphlet is anti-trans." 

 Tasmania's Legislative Council will debate the proposed changes in March.