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Trans/queer public toilet campaign

Gender diversity messages are coming for Hobart City public toilets should Holly Ewin win the approval of her fellow councillors.

She's framed up some poster ideas with reminders that all people are entitled to use the facilities according to how they identify.

"It's going to go in as part of our existing poster infrastructure and we're also going to look to put something in more permanent and it's just to show we stand in support with the trans and queer community of Tasmania, especially since they have had their human rights subjected to open slather debate."

Councillor Ewin believes it's only fitting.

"This is definitely the business of council and everybody in the community to make sure that we are a safe and welcoming place for people regardles of their gender, sexuality, race or any other characteristic."

Public toilet use was raised as a problem by those opposing the new gender laws passed by state parliament in April.