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Magistrates court tantrum


A convicted man has stormed out of a Magistrates Court hearing, furious at the slow rate of his case being processed.

Luke Victor Matthiessen went on a rogue crime spree over a few days in March this year.

It included driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle while disqualified, drink & drug driving, speeding & stealing petrol on numerous occasions.

Appearing from Risdon Prison via videolink this morning, Mr Matthiessen pleaded guilty to all charges, but was warned several times by the Magistrate for interrupting formalities when he demanded the case be dealt with instantly.

"I've been in here for 7 f***ing weeks!" he yelled.   

When the date of May 31st was floated by the clerk as the next available for sentencing,Mr Matthiessen unleashed a verbal tirade on the court before storming off.

The Magistrate remarked if not for his poor behaviour, he might have considered an earlier date.

Mr Matthiessen's next appearance is scheduled for 2:15pm on May 31.