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Man's vehicle clamped after high range speeding



A 22-year-old Taroona man has allegedly been caught speeding at more than double the legal limit on the Channel Highway at Taroona in the state's south.

Police allegedly detected the man at 107kmh in a 50kmh speed zone at 1pm on Wednesday.

Authorities say two days beforehand the same person received an infringement for speeding on the Huon Highway at Leslie Vale.

“This has resulted in the vehicle being clamped for 28 days and a $600 fine,” said Acting Sergeant Sandra Paul, of Southern Road and Public Order Services.

“This is in addition to the $937.25 speeding fine, 6 demerit points and 4 months disqualification.”

Acting Sergeant Paul said the incident was not only disappointing but extremely dangerous for other road users.

“This driver has put not only himself but every other person using the road at that time in danger. I would like to take this opportunity to remind the public that Tasmania Police could be anywhere at any time and in any vehicle, so if you’re doing the wrong thing you will get caught,” she added.