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"Dirty tricks" on election day in Braddon

brakey sign

Labor is being accused of playing "dirty tricks" in the seat of Braddon, using an independent as a battering ram against the Liberals.

Signs saying that Craig Brakey doesn't think the Morrison Government can manage the economy are circulating and encouraging voters to vote for Justine Keay instead.

Mr Brakey isn't happy.

"That comment referred to fundraising of the Liberal Party in Tasmania - nothing to do with the economy, so it's a straight up lie," the independent said.

"Apparently they've got these signs all over the polling booths saying that if you're thinking of voting for Craig Brakey to vote number 2 for Justine Keay so it's like I'm endorsing her which is again, a total lie because I'm not endorsing anyone. I'm an independent candidate and I don't have a preference for anyone on my 'how to vote' card."  

Braddon is currently held by Labor with a margin of 1.7%. It, along with Lyons and Bass are the three Tasmanian seats that will have a huge bearing on the election result. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been back in the state this morning, trying to pickup last minute votes. 

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will be campaigning in marginal Victorian seats.