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Hospitals responding to the flu


The Royal Hobart Hospital is urging people with flu-like symptoms to avoid visiting patients at the hospital to reduce the risk of spreading the infection to others.

The advice from the health department is if you are unwell and your visit to hospital is unavoidable, immediately tell a nurse when you arrive that you may be unwell to seek further advice.

"Those with influenza do not need to come to hospital for treatment unless they are having difficulty breathing or experiencing other complications arising from the flu," Susan Gannon, Executive Director of Operations said.

She says if you have flu-like symptoms consider seeing your GP.

Experts recommend if you have been diagnosed with the flu or any other infectious respiratory illness, stay home, take medication to reduce fever if needed, drink plenty of water and ensure you get rest.

"To reduce the risk of getting or spreading the flu, you should get vaccinated, wash your hands regularly and cover your mouth when you cough."

A range of measures are in place to minimise the risk of flu spreading at the RHH including managing those patients affected and ongoing ward cleaning.

"Tasmania’s health agencies have worked together in the lead up to winter to increase capacity at each major hospital around the state to deal with the flu," she added.