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Living City believers undaunted

Devonport's leaders remain satisfied the massive Living City transformation will deliver renewed prosperity to the region.

An auction business owner reckons he moved his operation from Devonport to Launceston, because the project didn't provide an up-tick in business in the CBD.   

Mayor Annette Rockliff has total faith in Living City, noting it is a long term proposition.

"I don't think that story is typical of what we are hearing from other sources and I understand that someone else has taken up the lease already, so why businesses chose to relocate is obviously complex."

She has noticed a major turnaround for Devonport.

"When we started this journey, Devonport was pretty much stagnating, it's a different place now and I certainly believe it's not coincidence." 

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also expressed its ongoing confidence that Living City is making a difference.