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Tas Powerball frenzy

By the time tonight's Powerball lottery draw gets underway, nearly half of Australia's adult population will have bought an entry.

A 12 game entry costing $14.50 gives you roughly a one in 11 million chance of winning the $150 million dollar prize, Australia largest ever.

Jenny and the rest of the staff from Invermay News and Lotto in Launceston are run off their feet.

"It's been incredibly busy, I think people are saying to us 'I don't want to win it all,' but I think they really do want to win it all."

Jenny is finding most people are entering the easy way.

"About 25% would use their own numbers, but predominantly it's QuickPicks and we have a thing called a PowerHit which is a systems entry which gives you all the Powerball numbers, that's probably the most popular thing that we sell for Powerball."