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Duo found guilty of Davies murder


Two people have been found guilty of murdering a Hobart tattoo artist.

In May 2017, Risdon Vale's Dwayne 'Doc' Davies was shot in the head and then buried in a shallow grave in Levendale.

A Supreme Court jury has accepted his friend 43-year-old Bradley Scott Purkiss from Elderslie shot the victim from behind and then hid the body - which wasn't found until a week after his disappearance.

The victim's wife, 47-year-old Margaret Anne Otto, whom previously had an affair with Purkiss, wasn't at the murder, but was still found guilty for her part in planning the crime.

The pair maintained innocence across the span of the 5 week joint trial in front of Chief Justice Alan Blow. 

Impact statements will be taken ahead of the sentencing of the duo on Wednesday.

 Image: Ink Addiction