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Funeral for planet held in Hobart

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Environmental protesters are continuing their week-long action to highlight climate change around the world, with peaceful protests held to demand immediate action on climate change.
Protesters held a funeral in Hobart, highlighting the deaths of future generations, and the planet, due to climate issues caused by humanity. 
Extinction Rebellion's Claire Burgess says they are willing to risk their liberty in order to bring climate issues to the fore.
"We mostly are doing peaceful protests. We don't want to be breaking the law just yet," she said. "It will really depend whether governments take action on climate change."
"All across the globe everyone's really concerned about their future, and their children's future. The people that are living in the global south are suffering already."
Some, however, have criticised the actions of Extinction Rebellion, with Queensland to fast-track laws on protests in order to jail activists who locked themselves to concrete drums.Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Wednesday condemned this week's Extinction Rebellion protests, stating activists are putting themselves and others at risk, and using up valuable police and emergency services resources.