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PM warned to follow through on vets RC


Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie is hopeful a potential Royal Commission into veteran suicide will put a broom through the Defence and Veterans Affairs Departments.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed he's actively considering a high-level inquiry into the welfare of those who leave the armed forces.

Senator Lambie says fewer than one in five of the recommendations arising from previous inquiries have been implemented.

She claims the two departments' cultures are shocking.

"They're still in denial; what they're doing is, instead of worrying about fixing the problem, they're worried about covering their arses," she said. 

"How do you change that? Can that be changed by a Royal Commission? That's anyone's guess." 

The balance-of-power crossbencher says there's also massive room for improvement in the implementation of recommendations arising from previous inquiries. 

"We had two inquiries about 12 years ago, one into veterans health and one into veterans suicide...there's only about 17 per cent of those recommendations been put through, and that's not all in full; that includes the partial."