$40 million lotto dispute case to continue


A court hearing into a $40 million lotto dispute among workers at a Sydney factory is set to resume.

Worker Brendan King says he is owed $2.7 million as one of 15 Liverpool factory employees who won a Powerball draw on May 5.

The case, which is set to resume in the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney on Tuesday, has heard Mr King spent thousands of dollars on workplace lottery syndicates over four years before he was allegedly excluded from the Powerball win by his co-workers.

Mr King told the court on Monday he was distressed but accepted the result until he found out he was the only member of an original 12-person arrangement not to be included in the winning syndicate.

Mr King's barrister Lachlan Gyles SC said it was presumed a member was part of the syndicate unless they opted out and that it would hardly be "unfair or unjust" if his client were paid the money.

The hearing continues.

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