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Meet Lee

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Five Things we don't know about Lee:
I’m a Capricorn which kind of explains the moods.
My friends all say it’s just a pimple but I know it’s a third nipple.
Whenever my phone rings I think it’s something bad. I can’t deal with bad news.
Much like most people, I’m terrible at remembering names. I even mix my friends up.
I’ve never been booked. I’m quite proud of that.

Career History: I once worked in a furniture factory, community radio in Launceston, Afternoons on SeaFM, Afternoons on 7LA, Breakfast on SeaFM, Drive on LAFM and, Breakfast on SeaFM and now The Home Run on 7BU.

Career Highlight to date: Winning a Commercial Radio Award in 2006, the launch of FM radio in Launceston was pretty cool plus John English just dropping by for a chat one day was pretty cool too.

Favourite Tasmanian event of the year? Anything with food and wine! Festivale, Bicheno Food and Wine Festival, Taste the Harvest. Do I need to go on?

Favourite band/music act of all time? I have never been able to answer this question. Never.

Which fashion accessory could you not live without? My Ugg Boots!

Who is the most interesting person you've interviewed and why? Myf Warhurst was great. We could have chatted all day if we had the time. She got me.

If we gave you $1000, what would you spend it on? I am in serious need of a new wardrobe. Seriously. I forgot how to dress myself after I turned 25.

If you weren't a radio presenter, what would you be doing? Pretending to be on the radio from a secret room in my BnB in the country.