The Simpsons Have Predicted Elon Musk’s Future

November 28, 2022 3:10 pm in by
his undated image from files, provided by Fox Broadcasting from "The Simpsons," shows the popular cartoon family posing in front of their home, from left, Lisa , Marge , Maggie, Homer and Bart Simpson. University students have been studying Homer's "The Odyssey" for centuries. More recently, Homer Simpson's "Odyssey," and a quarter-century of episodes from the animated sitcom have been undergoing similar scrutiny at several college campuses around the country. (AP Photo/Fox Broacasting Co., File) 1998 FOX BROADCASTING

Already known for predicting the future, The Simpsons have supposedly done it again and for none other than Elon Musk.

Elon Musk took to his own platform to point out that he believes that The Simpsons predicted his purchase of Twitter back in 2015.

‘The Musk Who Fell to Earth’ episode 12 from season 26 starts the episode at a birdhouse with a sign ‘Home Tweet Home’ while Lisa is seen feeding small birds, the birds become the prey by a bald eagle.

As the eagle flies off, Elon Musk arrives in a rocket ship and burns the eagle as it flies beneath the rocket.

“Brace yourselves, family. We are about to meet a being with intelligence far beyond ours,” says Homer before telling Bart to grab his baseball bat.

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Musk takes off his space helmet and says “Hello, I’m Elon Musk.”

Homer throws the bat at Elon’s head and Lisa yells “Dad, no! Elon Musk is possibly the greatest living inventor.”

The audience is then shown a new high tech bird house that has attracted a group of birds.

The Simpsons S26 E12

“I guess humanity wants its change one bird house at a time,” says Lisa as Musk gets back into his rocket.

And while The Simpsons have successfully predicted the future before, like Donald Trump’s presidential run and smart watches, some fans aren’t sure this time around. With one particular Twitter user suggesting that Elon got the idea to purchase Twitter after watching this episode.

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