Wednesday Overtakes Stranger Things and Breaks Netflix Records

November 30, 2022 3:58 pm in by
Image: IMDB

‘Wednesday’ has now overtaken ‘Stranger Things’, making it the platforms most successful English language series ever.

Netflix revealed that the new 8 episode series, which follows fan favourite Addams family member as the teen goth attends Nevermore Academy and tries to discover and use her psychic abilities to solve a two decade old murder mystery, now holds Netflix’s record for the most viewed hours for an English-language series.

The show has only been available to view for one week but has been watched for over 341 million hours in that short time. To put that into perspective, there are only 162 hours in one week which means the series has been completed by more than 2.1 millon people world wide.

Those incredible stats include the series being #1 in 83 countries which ties the record set by season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’.

However, ‘Wednesday’ is still yet to claim top spot of all-time in Netflix as that is currently held by the Korean hit ‘Squid Games’ which has been viewed for over 571 million hours.

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