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Here at Sea FM Burnie, we believe you should 'Support Your Local' on the North West Coast.

Did you realise, every time you shop local - you're actually helping around five other local businesses?

For instance, when you shop at your local hardware store...you help the store.
They buy their timber from the local mill, who supplies the local builders.
The builders business is booming, so they sponsor the local footy club.
Who buys their new uniforms from the local sports store...everyone's a winner!

Or when you shop at your local cafe, you help the cafe, who buys their meat from the local butcher and their veggies from the local farm.
The local truckies deliver it, as well as the milk that comes from the local dairy!

Click HERE to view the 'Support Your Local' Business Directory, to find local businesses that you can support!

Everyone wins when you 'Support Your Local!'
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